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What's the story?

In late 2014, the Head of Marketing for p&mm Sales Promotion (now part of the Sodexo family) went in search of a better way to grow three promotional marketing brands…

With an Inbound, content-led strategy — and HubSpot at the heart of it all — we delivered month-on-month uplift in reach, engagement and leads. And the results speak for themselves.

In just 9 short months:

  • Pipeline value more than 14 times investment
  • Email database grew by 169%
  • 30% increase in traffic
  • Landing page conversion rate up to 43.08%

Inbound marketing and the HubSpot platform has been welcomed by the rest of the Sodexo Benefits and Rewards UK business and we’re now rolling this out across the whole group.

Paul Parry
Head of Operational Marketing
Sodexo UK