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4 Types Of Content Crucial To Your B2B Inbound Marketing Campaign

By Beth HendersonComments

4 types of content crucial to your B2B inbound marketing campaign

Whilst it’s effective to keep your tone of voice, marketing message and content style consistent in everything that you do, churning out the same type of content could be the ticket to your downfall.

Experimentation is a significant part of building an effective content strategy. It helps us differentiate from the familiar and the mundane, optimise our content, and boost reach in front of a targeted, and valuable audience.

After all, variety is the spice of content marketing.

You wouldn’t regurgitate the same content topic repeatedly. It’s boring, foolish, and a waste of your time and resources. And persistently offering the same flavour of content type is also to that end.

As content marketers, we are in charge of crafting meaningful, engaging content that captivates the right audience, in the right place, and at the right time. We might know what our current customers enjoy, but fresh, updated content types mean we can keep them on their toes and expand our reach.

So I’ve done a bit of the donkey work and rounded up 4 of the best performing types of content you can use in your B2B inbound marketing campaigns...

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Everybody loves an ebook, right?


Well, most of the time.

They are a staple of B2B marketing. B2B businesses often have some level of complexity within their industry - as you will know - and your buyers go through a much more thorough buying journey.

Ebooks let you break it all down so buyers understand what the hell their problem / your industry / your product or service is all about. And with a lean towards graphics and vibrant imagery, they’re perfect if you’re looking to create easily digestible visual content.

Generate leads, educate your customers, build your reputation. All with eBooks.

Give us your best guide

Whether it’s an ultimate guide that sits behind a landing page or simple guide that features on your blog, this type of content fits perfectly within a B2B inbound marketing strategy.

They act as an easily accessible tutorial to a particular topic, and are diverse so you can put your own creative twist to them. And most importantly, they are practical and helpful...

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Guides, how-tos, and top tips all give you opportunity to harness some influencer outreach. There’s nothing more practical or helpful than speaking to industry influencers and experts to amplify your content.

Customers associate ‘guide’ with the best of the best. Especially if you’ve shoehorned ‘ultimate’ in front of it. And top tips and snippets of advice from influencers ensures you deliver this.

It will help you answer all the questions and struggles they have in their head and more. Showing you are the right solution for their needs.

And working with the pros also opens up the door to a new realm of visibility as they are likely to share the content with their own networks.

So guides, yeah just do them ok?

SupaTip: even after you’ve produced your guide and published it, consistently update and nurture it. Add the latest information, new tips from new influencers, or a revolutionary tactic and you’ll start stacking up more and more valuable backlinks.

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Insightful, innovative, infographic

Done well, infographics will help you hit the inbound marketing sweet spot!

They unlock a world of opportunity; opportunity to bring your business to life, visualise complicated topics, and effectively communicate industry trends.  

Although they aren’t effective behind gated landing pages, they make the perfect content for outreach. They’re easy to digest, easy to share, and easy to enjoy.

To truly amplify this type of content, use it alongside an eBook, whitepaper, or guide to promote downloads or views to a larger piece of content.

I won’t lie, there's a sea of infographics out there. But balancing creativity with data, and choosing a topic your customers actually want to consume will help you stand out amongst all the clutter and cobwebs.

Kill it with case studies

Case studies give you the chance to show off your capabilities and build trust with prospects. This makes them the perfect content type to direct and enlighten consumers in the Decision Stage of the B2B buyer’s journey.  

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Storytelling is a fundamental aspect of meaningful content marketing. And case studies allow you to incorporate this into your strategy. Tell your story, and show prospects why they should choose you.

From PDFs to videos, case studies can take on many forms - so long as they provide buyers with a clear path to follow, you’re onto a winner.

Draft it, craft it, shout all about it

There’s plenty of content types for you to choose from, and ultimately it’s about figuring out what your buyer personas want and when. But these four a great starting point to help you maximise your content marketing efforts.

So now, it’s time to reflect upon your inbound marketing strategy for next year. Are any of these content types going to feature in your plan; if not, should they?

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