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Content Curation With Buzzsumo: Go Search Or Go Home

By Simon CreedComments

Content Curation With Buzzsumo: Go Search Or Go Home

There’s no escaping your growing to-do list, so streamlining the time you spend building an avid following on social media is essential.

Don’t sweat it. Technology has got your back on this one. Sourcing digital sidekicks to enhance efficiency is a must. They bring a raw energy to your work routine and make everything run a hell of a lot smoother.   

That’s why we’re always on the hunt for slick time savers to vitalise our social feeds at SupaReal. There’ll never be enough hours in the day for you to squeeze in all outstanding objectives. So we source tools that strip away leg work, help to maintain productivity - and, let’s be honest, sanity.

Filling The Void

When it comes to creating the blood, sweat and tears content that really hits home with your audience you’re going to need money and man-hours. Two commodities that, as we all know, are elusive at the best of times.

You might have a strategic approach in place to promote your content on social media. But you haven’t been able to knock up anything new for a while. Recycling and regurgitating your old stuff is a great start - but how else can you fill the void?   

Sharing’s Caring

Followers are famously fickle. And lack of engagement can be a kick in the teeth.

To disrupt, supersede and succeed on the social scene, you need credibility and consistency.

For content marketers social media is about sparking meaningful engagement and building lasting relationships. To achieve this you’re going to need to start sharing relevant insights that inform and inspire interaction, galvanize trust in your brand and position you as a valuable resource.  

Give your followers something to talk about.

Content curation will keep your social feeds breathing. Serving up a selection of super specific industry perspectives enhances your followers’ association with your account. Whilst bolstering your online visibility.

The goal is to subsidise your own output with visuals and killer reads from other experts in the field. Blog posts. Videos. Podcasts. You name it.

The ‘perfect’ - curated content:original content - ratio falls somewhere between 5:1 and 7:1.

Pretty high, right?

Finding the content that drives home your message isn’t easy by any stretch. Make a half-hearted go at it and you’ll end up doing your followers, and yourself, a disservice.

But how do you find what you’re looking for without wasting half the day?

As we all know, Google is a bit of a beast. But not all beasts are easily tamed. That one quick search rarely results in a barrage of niche-focused content.

More often than not, you’re gonna need to dig a little deeper.

One of the key tools in our arsenal...

Buzzsumo. A sophisticated platform for search and analytics.

Though this tool isn’t exclusively geared for curation. The three ready sliced pillars of discovery it serves up offer several reliable avenues of discovery.  

Each section incorporates various, in-depth ways and means of finding the content. Content your followers are hungry for. Content that will energise your social accounts with a much needed kick up the arse.

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So what’s the deal?

1. Content Research

Most Shared

This is the straight down the line, zero bullshit method of search on Buzzsumo. It allows you to search for a specific term, multiple terms, domain URLs, authors and more.

To give yourself the best chance of yielding some seriously remarkable content, take advantage of the advanced search options.

Hit search and you’ll find relevant articles that are listed by social shares across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. You can also filter results by date, language, country and content type to really hone your searches.


We’re all aware by now that a large percentage of viral content isn’t exactly Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel. But this dynamic search method gives a greater sense of the content you’re dealing with. Knowing the popularity and reach of each post is a sound initial indicator of quality and authority.  

But Twitter binned off their share count last year?

Buzzsumo decided to appease bemused content creators and curators with the news that all was not lost. Not wanting to abandon an important measure of ‘social proof and value’. The site is now purchasing data from Twitter’s data arm GNIP and introduced a nifty Google Chrome plug in for added accessibility.


The original Twitter share count was, in fact, far from flawless.

“There were some issues of accuracy that have been acknowledged by Twitter. It appears that link were not always resolved back to the canonical URL which meant not all share were counted or rather they were not added together for an article...”

But with Buzzsumo now firmly fixed at the wheel, they claim that the share count is now more accurate than ever before…

“The good news is that our new approach has improved and enhanced our sharer data.”- Buzzsumo

I’d reckon that's a win-win y'know!

Trending Now

Although sometimes a bit hit and miss, this is a decent method of sourcing content on a simple and instantaneous basis. The tool provides a visual stream of the articles that are currently catching fire across the internet.

This provides you with the opportunity to become a news-bearer. Share the hottest content and capitalise on popular subjects in Twitter chats and other online conversations.

Trending Now is updated with popular content over the course of the day. So check it periodically to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

The pre-made categories such as Business, Tech, Marketing and Travel are well populated and  you can add your own trending feeds, based on specific domains or topics.

Content Analysis

Over time you’ll form a back catalogue of go-to blogs and influencers - ol’ reliables if you will - who are coming out with top notch content on the regular.

N.B. Although you want to stay industry relevant, be sure to avoid sharing competitors’ content. I believe that’s what they call ‘shooting yourself in the foot’.

Use the Content Analysis tool to speed up this process of discovery. Search terms that apply to your brand and pinpoint the sites that are churning out the on point content that speaks to your audience.


This corner of Buzzsumo is less about lifting content, more getting a grasp of where and who to curate the content from in the first place.

Unearth these turntables of trustworthy content and you’ll form the crux of your curation.

2. Amplification

Twitter Influencers

Use Buzzsumo’s second round of ammunition to target individual influencers and competitors. Sorting your searches by authority, social reach and activity.  

This versatile tool lets you check out what it is that they’ve been sharing on Twitter - all under one roof.  



You’ll want to give every article you come across a thorough eyeballing before you share it with the world. But this way you’ll get access to content that has already been vetted and posted by social media sovereigns with their own reputations to look after.

Avoid wasting your own valuable time sifting through - or accidentally posting - vacuous or offensive content that could damage your brand’s image.

Outreach Lists

This feature is relatively new - having only just emerged from its Beta stage. But it’s definitely a worthwhile addition. With Outreach Lists you can pull in the accounts that matter most and house them neatly in one location.

Compile hubs of curation potential, by clicking the ‘Save Influencer’ button. This will bring instant access to their content and the conversations they’re having on social.  Monitoring

3. Monitoring




With Monitoring, you can keep real-time tabs on the all important content that would otherwise slip below the radar. It offers you the chance to track authoritative authors and websites and get their latest output delivered daily. This is a top way to rein in expert content.   

While you’re at it, keep real-time tabs on SEO driven keywords, backlinks and brand references. There’s nothing better than sharing an article that not only speaks volumes - but champions your brand at the same time!

Build on your buzz...

Buzzsumo will quickly install itself at the centre of your curation process. It has the potential to save bags of time and collar tugging.   

This is by no means the only curation tool out there, however. You should be using a variety of search programs simultaneously throughout your working day to boost your social efforts.

Programs such as Moz Content, Flipboard, newsletters, Twitter search and more (there’s literally tons out there!) all have their place in the SupaReal office.

Each provides unique results and methods to help you harvest content that’ll give your social channels the punch of caffeine they’ve been craving!  

We’d love to hear from you!

Do you have your own go-to curation hub? What other tools do you use to streamline your marketing? Feel free to post your own tips or questions in the comments box below.

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