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How We Transformed The Reach, Relevance And Overall Online Presence Of Three Sodexo Uk Brands [Case Study]

By Liane GrimshawComments

How we transformed the reach, relevance and overall online presence of three Sodexo UK brands [CASE STUDY]

In late 2014, p&mm Sales Promotion (now part of the Sodexo family) went in search of a better way to grow three promotional marketing brands.

The business had previously relied on relatively tactical marketing activity such as direct mail, press advertising and events. These traditional, reactionary tactics - often triggered by specific requests from the sales team - had worked in the past, but were becoming less effective and campaigns and activities were difficult, if not impossible, to measure.

On the hunt for a fresh approach, the Head of Operational Marketing soon became curious about inbound marketing and, keen to find out more, connected with me.

Enter SupaReal

To kick things off, we proposed and ran a workshop on inbound and HubSpot’s marketing software for p&mm’s management and sales teams.

I have found this to be the best way of getting everyone on the same page time and time again.

It overcomes some of the internal obstacles to implementation and gives us visibility and relationships beyond the marketing team itself which is often key to success.

Delivering a compelling case for inbound, we set about contributing to what would become a business-wide shift in how p&mm brands perceive and implement marketing. A change that would require brand new approaches and unprecedented collaboration between departments.


The outcome? Consensus from all who attended that inbound marketing was a good fit, HubSpot was a great platform, and there were many benefits to come from a more modern and fluid marketing strategy.

In fact, the final questions were about how quickly we could give them the dream of what we’d just demonstrated. So, my team and I began to develop the strategy and plan, which included helping marketing to overcome some of the internal challenges it was facing.

Bound for inbound

Inbound marketing is all about bringing potential customers to you.

Brands must create and share content that, rather than interrupting the path to purchase, helps prospective buyers to understand the problems they’re facing and demonstrate solutions.

The approach is laser-focused on converting leads into customers, through educational content that sits within a company blog, social media accounts, premium content campaigns, and more.

With a progressive strategy in place, we worked in alliance with the sales and marketing teams (and members of the wider business) to deliver upon the agreed strategy.  

This involved...

...with the aim of delivering month-on-month measurable uplift in reach, an increase in engagement and leads for each of the three brands - as well as attracting and retaining customers.

sodexo uk case study

"SupaReal have made a huge contribution to our successes. Their people and the way they work has benefited us in many ways too."

- Paul Parry, Head of Operational Marketing at Sodexo UK

With HubSpot as our engine, and content as the vehicle, we’ve been able to bring value to the table, grow an audience for each brand and drive a measurable return on investment in just a few short months.

And the numbers speak for themselves...

  • Pipeline value more than 14 times investment
  • Email database grew by 169%
  • 30% increase in traffic
  • Landing page conversion rate up to 43.08%

We tell the story of the work we did, the challenges we faced and the amazing outcomes we delivered in a detailed case study. Results took time, as they invariably do with inbound marketing, but once the momentum kicks in, everyone is happy.

Click on the big fat button below, and read the story.