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keeping It Real With Liane Grimshaw: Mpa Inside Stories Preview

By Liane GrimshawComments

Keeping It Real With Liane Grimshaw: MPA Inside Stories Preview

Our MD Liane Grimshaw will be interviewed at for the MPA's Inside Stories on 27th September 2018 at King Street’s Google Garage. Register for your free place here.

I pulled Liane from her busy schedule to get some quick-fire insight into her approach to business and marketing, making it meaningful and what you can expect at Google Garage.

Here’s what she had to say...


It took me quite some time to make the decision to start my own business.

I spent a long time running other people's agencies, working my way up to leadership positions in some cases. It meant I saw every aspect of agency life. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

And once I left that world? I remember thinking “I really don't want to do that again”.

The challenges, the hassle and stress of it all—not to mention the 70 hour weeks! But after spending some time as a consultant, I began to question whether agency life had to be that way.

Could I do a better job of it myself?

I knew that if I was going do it then I needed to eat my own dog shit (my old dog, Sammy, used to eat his!) and run it how I think an agency should be run...

Helping clients transform their marketing in a positive and commercial way.

Creating a strong brand in its own right.

Practicing what you preach.

Really looking after and developing the people that are on your team.

That's what drives me every day, and that's what SupaReal is about.

Keeping it real with Liane Grimshaw


I think the most important thing to remember when starting and growing a business, is to do it without killing yourself and killing everybody involved.

Everyone is finally waking up to the fact you can't run an agency like a sweatshop anymore.

People deserve better. They expect better too, and rightly so.

We want to grow, we want to grow both top and bottom line. Of course we do. But when you find yourself chasing, chasing, chasing numbers at the expense of your own health, or that of anyone else in the team, that’s when you need a reality check.

I want to enjoy the journey every single day. I want to work with talented people, seeing them grow, develop, become more confident and surpass anything they believed they could do.  

And I genuinely, passionately, believe that if you take that approach into business, and just focus on being really good at what you do, doing things the right way, and helping everyone around you to do the same, the growth will naturally follow.

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There’s so much potential these days, and everyone sees it.

The dynamic between agencies and clients has changed. I’m seeing so many businesses taking things in-house and not seeing the value in some agency services that, on the face of it, seem to have become commoditised.

Deep, specialist knowledge and real strategic thinking are essential in offering clients value.

In our space, many agencies offer content marketing without really grasping its power, or the difference it can really make to a business from the outside and from within.

There is an opportunity (a critical one) for B2B brands to get extremely sophisticated in their approach to marketing. We kickstart this process by digging deep so we can really get our teeth into complex problems—what we do goes much further than writing good words and scheduling some tweets.

We fundamentally transform the way businesses market themselves, and introduce real strategic change where it’s needed. It’s never easy, but I love getting stuck in!

Got a free morning on 27th September 2018? Don’t forget to register for your free place at MPA Inside Stories here.

Keeping it real with Liane Grimshaw