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Why Twitter Ads Are A Growing Force In B2B Marketing

By Katie MoranComments

Why Twitter Ads are a growing force in B2B marketing

Twitter has blown up in terms of its advertising potential for B2B.

With recent updates including conversion tracking, and new features on the way, we thought it worth your time, and ours, to look at how you can make the third largest social network work harder for your B2B brand!


I know what you’re thinking. “Why would I waste my time with Twitter, when LinkedIn has time and again proven itself to be the the B2B industry leader?”

It’s a valid question, that comes with a valid answer.

Twitter is changing. It’s shown us it’s staying power, and it’s maturing. It’s arguably become the place online for people to develop their public voice.

While Facebook has evolved into a media channel, Twitter has grown into a conversation channel. Sport, business, industry, celebrity, controversy, you name it, you’ll find opinions and debate, much of which come from professionals. Professionals you want to reach.   

According to Statista (2018), there are currently 336 million active monthly Twitter users worldwide. Hardly a dent on Zuckerberg’s crowd. But there’s signs of a resurgence, with figures looking much closer to those during the platform’s pre 2015 growth spurt.

And anyway, that’s still A LOT of people.  

If your brand hasn’t explored Twitter ads, I’m not saying you need to open your purse strings, just yet. What I am saying is, get curious.

A ridiculous 93% of people who follow small and medium sized business on Twitter plan to purchase from the SMBs they follow. While 69% have already purchased from an SMB because of something they saw on the network.

It deserves your attention—and advertising is one of the most effective ways to utilise it.


Twitter’s advertising once felt extremely basic, primitive almost. But that’s not the case anymore. The company continues to roll out new features and update existing ones.

The platform has a range of objectives to choose from for B2C and B2B brands, I’ve whittled it down to the most effective for B2B marketers:

objectives 1200x630


There are plenty of B2B brands out there who boast thousands of Twitter followers. But are they active followers, or are they simply worthless?

If your followers are inactive or simply not relevant to your offering they are not qualified prospects and are unlikely not influence the buying process as they’re unlikely to share and engage with your content in a meaningful way.

Choose this objective to begin growing an audience that cares about what you have to say.

Build an engaged audience to amplify your message, on and off Twitter.” (Twitter, 2018).

Using this objective will promote your account to build an engaged audience, your followers will amplify your message online. What’s more, you only pay  for the followers you gain and aren’t billed for other types of engagements. Great news!

Tweet engagements

“Maximise engagement of your Tweets and get more people talking about your business” (Twitter, 2018).

This is all about awareness and getting your brand top of mind.

Promote tweets to get them in front of the right people and start conversations with your audience. This will lead to increased digital exposure and social proof in your industry.

Website clicks or conversions

Website conversions are invaluable to every business.

“You want people to visit and take an action on your website (e.g. download a paper or make a purchase)” (Twitter, 2018).

Through Twitter you are able to advertise optimised tweets to those people most likely to visit and take actions on your website, thus massaging your conversion rate.

You can track your results across mobile and web, and pay per click, just like other premium advertising platforms. For B2B marketers this increases awareness of your website and encourages people to move through your funnel.

App re-engagements

Most apps, especially B2B apps, are abandoned soon after they’re downloaded.

You can target existing app users with through the Twitter ads platform, and only pay for the number of app clicks you receive.

For B2B marketers this is a great way to get more prospects engaging with your apps after downloading them.

“83% of Twitter users are active on mobile and they’re looking for apps to download” (Twitter Business, 2017)

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Momentum 1200x630

“Someone who has already expressed interest in your brand is more likely to engage with your marketing messages. But how can you find, and reach this audience?” (Twitter, 2018). In addition to these B2B objectives, Twitter also offer a re-targeting feature.

Retargeting is a powerful tool. With tailored Audiences you can create highly relevant remarketing campaigns.

Let me explain…

For B2B brands, the two most suitable remarketing types are Lists and Web.

With Lists you can target specific users such as your existing customers or relevant influencers. You do this by creating a list and adding various email addresses or Twitter handles of the people you want to be added.

Viewing a List timeline will show you a stream of Tweets from only users on that list. Doing this will allow you to effectively target a high amount of relevant people with your content.

With Web you’re able to target Twitter users who have recently viewed your website.

This data is collected using Twitter’s website tag (a snippet of code that you should place on the pages of your website that experience the most traffic and activity).

Once you have the tag placed on your website, you can then create your Tailored Audience from web in Twitter’s Audience Manager.

It’s recommended that you use a universal website tag. And when installed you simply need toname your audience and provide URL information.

One great example of how to take advantage of Web remarketing on Twitter, would come in creating a Tailored Audience of people who have gone to a landing page for an eBook page, but didn’t convert.

These are some of your highest value visitors. Find ways to re-engage them!

Using Tailored Audiences can bring an extra dimension and level of sophistication to a  campaign. It gives you the ability to retarget your content, products and website in a timely manner, and drive greater conversion rates.


What I hope you’ll take away from this post is the amount of power Twitter Ads hold.

With Facebook and LinkedIn also at your disposal, I wouldn’t blame you for wondering what difference Twitter could possibly make to your strategy. But with big changes coming to the microblogging platform, and pressure to catch up with the big two B2B performers, it’s worth keeping your eye on its advertising platform over the coming months.

Twitter Ads is a total package type of thing. If you want to get the most out of it you should be uniting as many of its elements as possible. By doing so you can realise its full potential and find a new audience that’s hungry for your content.

There are people out there ready and waiting for you, they just don’t know it yet. Give them what they need and implement Twitter Ads for your business today.


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